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Newspaper Headlines for 3 January 2019

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Daily Express () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019

MINISTERS are to dramatically speed up preparations for a nodeal Brexit as the crunch Commons vote on Theresa May’s EU withdrawal plan looms, a senior frontbencher reveals today. Writing exclusively for the Daily Express, Brexit Secretary Stephen...

Daily Mail () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019
A BREATHALYSER test being developed by British scientists could revolutionise cancer diagnosis. The test is designed to pick up early signs of the disease which enter the breath and become airing borne – slashing the need for biopsies. Doctors say it...

Daily Mirror () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019

Daily Star () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019
1/3/2019: FRONT PAGE: -10

SAVAGE -10C bitter Icelandic winds will tear through January sparking a cold weather health warning as temperatures plunge rapidly. Northern and central England will bear the brunt of the dangerous freezing superchill amid warnings that we

London Evening Standard () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019

A SECURITY guard knifed as he tried to stop gatecrashers forcing their way into an exclusive Mayfair party and a mother were today revealed as London’s first murder victims of 2019. Tudor Simionov and Charlotte Huggins, both 33, were killed in...

The Daily Telegraph () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019
1/3/2019: Front page: ‘My mother protected me in Hollywood’

Saoirse Ronan, the Irish actress, credits her mother with protecting her from the ‘seedy’ side of Hollywood after she made her film breakthrough in Atonement at the age of just 13. ‘I don’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t been around,’ she...

The Guardian () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019
1/3/2019: FRONT PAGE: Corbyn defies Labour calls to seek second referendum
Jeremy Corbyn will defy calls to change course on the party’s Brexit policy ahead of parliament’s crucial vote, insisting the government should secure a new deal with the EU if MPs reject Theresa May’s agreement. Under increasing pressure from party...

The Independent () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019
1/3/2019: Front Page: Outcry as women pray in Hindu temple

Demonstrators in Kerala yesterday where two women became the first to enter the Sabarimala temple

The Scotsman () Newspaper Front Page for 3 January 2019
1/3/2019: Front Page: Frolicking in the frost as winter’s chill settles in for the new year

Frankie, a Miniature Schnauzer, plays in the frost on Venlaw Hill in Peebles. The temperature gauge plunged to -4C in the Scottish Borders town yesterday morning. The weather is expected to remain chilly for at least the next 24 hours, with highs of...

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